Facts about True HEPA Filtration

With so many brands claiming that their products have HEPA filtration and/or are “HEPA certified”, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. In this post, we discuss all things HEPA-filtration – read on to learn the ins-and-outs of HEPA filtration.

Why Choose HEPA Filtration?

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Hydroxyl Radicals: The Truths

Truth #1: The lifespan of UV optics varies.

People often ask how long the UV optics last. It is true the answer could be 8,000 hours or more. However, this is very misleading. UV light gradually loses power over time. The patented technology is based largely on the […]

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Hydroxyl Radicals: The Myths

Hydroxyl generators were introduced to the disaster restoration industry in 2008 as a new and disruptive technology, and have stimulated many questions and discussions throughout the years. While contractors will quickly confirm how effective they are, there are still a variety of questions.

  • Is it true you […]
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