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Our years of experience and exceptional customer service make Alberta Fire & Flood the trusted mold removal specialist for local homes, schools, care facilities, and businesses.

Blood & Body Fluid Clean Up Technicians

Unlike normal cleaners, forensic technicians are trained to decontaminate and remove blood and other bodily fluids as well as potential blood borne pathogens within the property. Using antimicrobial treatments to remove and sanitize the blood or bio-waste affected area, your property will be left in a clean biohazard free state.

Meth Lab Clean Up and Decontamination

Meth Labs are popping up across the country at an alarming rate. Now with hundreds of meth lab found each year in Canada the problem is only escalating.

  • A property that has had a functioning meth lab (clandestine drug lab) is an extremely toxic environment that should not be lived in until it has been correctly decontaminated and the property is tested by an industrial hygienist and received a clearance certificate.
  • There are many dangers associated with meth lab contaminated properties. Due to the cooking process, the chemicals used to cook meth become airborne and absorb into walls, ceilings, flooring, furniture, clothing and the properties structure. These chemicals then slowly off-gas and contaminate the property for many years. Studies have shown have exposure to high levels of methamphetamine can have serious health side effects including death.
  • If you are faced with the prospect of having to clean and decontaminate a property after a meth lab, contact us today to talk a trained meth lab remediation technician.

Crime Scene Cleaning Services

We can provide professional and crime scene clean-up in a home or workplace. Trained and experienced in the removal or biological hazards including fingerprint dust, blood, bodily fluid and bacteria resulting from a death, suicide, traumatic event, assault, workplace injury and other such incidents.

Cleaning is commenced immediately upon release of the crime scene.

The clean-up of a crime scene can involve the following:

  • Removal and disposal of any biological waste.
  • Treating and cleaning of any contaminated surface
  • Sanitizing of all surfaces including the walls, floors and ceiling with an antimicrobial wash.
  • Detailed report outlining any items disposed of and before and after photos.



Just wanted to let you know that the AF+F cleanup crew was amazing! Not only in the work they performed, but also the care and attention they paid to my family – polite, friendly, and respectful. I’m very glad you recommended AFF as they are clearly a fantastic group. The list of damaged items they created is a complete list – no other items need to be added – so once they forward that to you, feel free to take that as the final version… from my perspective at least. Markus F.