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Crime Scene Cleaning:
It’s a dirty job, and we’re terrific at it.

We are the crime scene cleaners that local Calgary law enforcement, health officials, and property owners trust to make it look like an “incident” never even happened.

Crime Scene Cleaning Services

We offer professional crime scene cleaning and remediation services to homes or workplaces throughout Calgary and surrounding areas. Our fully trained and experienced technicians are experts in cleaning crime scenes of all types, such as:

 Meth Labs

 Illegal Marijuana Grow Operations

 Drug Dens (AKA: “Trap Houses”)

 Biological Hazards (such as blood, body fluids, organic tissue, and bacteria) resulting from violent deaths, trauma events, physical assaults, and physical injuries at a place of work

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Biological Hazards: Professional Sanitization of Viscera & Body Fluid

Photo of a bathroom with blood splattered along the wall

We’ll cut to the chase – we are the people we’d call for biohazard cleaning. This is because, unlike normal cleaners, our veteran forensic remediation technicians have all of the most up-to-date training for cleaning up even the messiest of crime scenes – outdoor, indoor, and conveyance. We clean it all.

We also ensure absolute decontamination and safe disposal of blood, bodily fluids, viscera, and excrement as well as potential pathogens that could otherwise persist within the environment. We practice only the highest health & safety protocols when dealing with biohazardous waste and contamination. For more information about our biohazard remediation expertise, please visit our Biohazard & Forensic Cleaning page.

Photo of yellow crime scene tape crossing an outdoor Calgary crime scene

Meth Lab Clean Up and Decontamination

Image of an un-remediated meth lab in Calgary

According to the Canadian Police Knowledge Network, “[meth] laboratories are a growing problem in Canada” which “pose a significant risk” to law enforcement and civilians. 

Between 2017–2018, hospitalizations for harm caused by stimulants (including methamphetamine) amongst Canadians aged 10 and over were 11.2% (of all hospital stays for harms caused by substance use).

Furthermore, according to Alberta Health, meth has become increasingly linked with illegal fentanyl production. In Alberta alone, approximately 42% of all fentanyl deaths in 2017 had methamphetamine listed as a contributing factor, and the proportion of fentanyl poisonings involving meth was 2.6 times higher in 2017 (42%) compared to 2015 (16%).

A property with a functioning meth lab is an extremely toxic environment. It demands professional decontamination and testing by a trained and fully accredited industrial hygienist. Following this decontamination, a clearance certificate needs to be issued before legal occupancy can return.

  • Many dangers are associated with meth lab contaminated properties. This is because of the “cooking” process, where the chemicals used to cook meth become airborne and absorb into walls, ceilings, flooring, furniture, clothing and even into the properties’ very structure structure. These chemicals then slowly off-gas and contaminate the property for years.
  • If you are confronted with the obligation to clean and decontaminate a property with a meth lab then contact us and talk a fully trained & certified meth lab remediation technician.


Just wanted to let you know that the AF+F cleanup crew was amazing! Not only in the work they performed, but also the care and attention they paid to my family – polite, friendly, and respectful. I’m very glad you recommended AFF as they are clearly a fantastic group. The list of damaged items they created is a complete list – no other items need to be added – so once they forward that to you, feel free to take that as the final version… from my perspective at least. Markus F.