Proudly serving Calgarians’ water damage emergencies, we have been your water damage restoration specialists since 2003.

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Our expert technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you handle any water damage you’re confronted with. 

 We are highly trained and certified in water damage restoration, remediation, water extraction, wet carpet resolution, and structural drying of all building components (such as plasterboard, timber frames, concrete, carpet, brickwork, all internal contents such as cupboards, furniture, fixtures, etc.)

 We will help make it right again, right away.

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We Are Calgary’s Water Damage Restoration & Repair Experts.

Water damage is a ticking time bomb. If it’s not effectively, professionally remediated soon after the water damage happens then the risk of mold, rot, and unresolved moisture threaten the structural integrity of your property.

This threat to health and safety makes immediate water damage repairs & restoration a top priority for municipal health officials, insurance adjusters, building managers, and property owners.

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Water Damage Repairs and Restoration

We Know Water Damage Restoration.

Water damage restoration requires some of the most involved work in the property restoration industry. This is due to the fact that water damage doesn’t stop after things get wet – it can continue to cause increasingly worse damage the longer it’s left without the proper remediation.

Once saturated, property and items that are damaged by water and other liquids will continue to hold the moisture. Basic science tells us that some materials hold more water than others, and that different materials will have greater or lesser water tolerance levels. It’s the responsibility of a professional property remediation company to have in-depth knowledge of the science behind water damage and water damage repairs. It is also our duty to use only the most effective water damage restoration technology for the job. We do this quickly, efficiently, and we follow the very highest industry standards and best practices.

For nearly 20 years, our remediation staff and facilities have been attentively restoring water damage to property and possessions for Albertans from High River to Fort McMurray.

We have restored everything from washed out warehouses to drowned Royal Daltouns. You can take confidence in knowing that our technical skills and practical experience allow us to efficiently, professionally handle water damage recovery projects of virtually any size and scope.

Alberta Fire and Flood Water Damage Timeline


“Thank you for fixing our pipe and restoring our stuff. Without you, we’re like a bunch of hobos with no insurance when their house get burnt down.” A grateful student.