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Our years of experience and exceptional customer service make Alberta Fire & Flood the trusted mold removal specialist for local homes, schools, care facilities, and businesses.

Forensic cleaning is a specialized service for properties that need to be restored back to a safe and hygienic condition. As part of a forensic clean, all hazardous materials will be removed or treated to remove disease, odours and other contaminants including blood, bodily fluid, and fingerprint dust. Other items such as bedding, furnishings, carpet, flooring, clothing and other such items may also require disposal to ensure the property is restored back to its pre-existing condition.

As part of a forensic clean the following will be performed:
1. Removal of contaminated items for safe disposal;
2. Cleaning and treating of contaminated surfaces;
3. Sanitization of all hard surfaces; and
4. Report detailing all personal belongings that could not be salvaged.

Biological resedue on the floor
A couple of used needles on a dirty floor


I was very impressed with the quality of customer service that we received from Alberta Fire & Flood. I found all the professionals to be experienced, professional, prompt and very courteous to myself and to my staff. Not to mention, our down time in our business was very short, so our loss was extremely minimal. Our clients didn’t even notice that we were closed for two days, but they sure notice our incredible new floor and cabinets. The speed and quality of the work was amazing. Thank you Alberta Fire & Flood and all the professionals that helped us. Renee F.