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From burned out warehouses to smoked out kitchens, Alberta Fire & Flood is here to restore your property from fire and smoke damage.

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Because smoke from fire often masks the true extent of the the actual fire damage, property damage from fire and smoke demands a special level of restoration skill.

It also demands a prompt and professional response.

Our fire damage restoration teams are there to help you within 2 hours of your call. Every member of our fire restoration staff have the practical experience with and in-depth knowledge of what to look for and, most importantly, how to look for it.

The Importance Of Professional Smoke Damage & Fire Restoration

Our fire and smoke technicians will be the first to tell you that not all contents can be treated the same, and that smoke and soot are very difficult to remediate – but we’ve never let that stop us!

Fire damage creates a complex situation because of the unique properties of heat and smoke damage. Not only does the damage from the fire itself cause unsafe conditions, but the health hazards of all the smoke, soot, ash, and fumes are equally as dangerous. This is why it is crucial to have professionally qualified fire restoration technicians handle the situation. Our technicians know how to safely, efficiently remediate your smoke and fire damaged property so that the environmental health risks are fully addressed.

Time is of the essence when it comes to fire remediation because it’s crucial to reduce the chance of secondary smoke and fire damage caused by rapid post-blaze environmental changes. Here at Alberta Fire & Flood, we use only proven methods and the most current technology in fire remediation to bring your property items back to their original state – we do this quickly, and with the kind of thorough attention to detail you expect from veteran fire remediation specialists.

Fire and Smoke Damage Clean-up
Fire Damage and Smoke Remediation
Fire Damage and Smoke Clean-up
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Soot & Smoke Contamination Is More Than Just Skin-Deep:

Most people are surprised to learn that proper fire restoration is more than just removing the soot and smoke damage from a surface. Such superficial cleaning will not truly restore the item or property to original condition. This is because the fire itself causes a particular acid to be produced as a bi-product of the flames and intense heat; this acid is very corrosive and penetrates surfaces such as metal all too easily. It is vital to address this acidity and neutralize damaged surfaces to avoid long-term problems.

Another huge issue left behind by fire damage is the overwhelming smell of smoke. Anyone who has been around a bonfire knows that the smell of fire settles deep  and is extremely stubborn to remove. Because of this, our fire damage restoration technicians know to treat each case with a borderline obsessive level of detailed attention. We use only the best, most current professional best practices to hunt down and totally eradicate the lingering stench of smoke and fire from your property and possessions.


“Under the leadership of your project manager, we felt very secure as the ABFF team not only assisted in the assessment of the damage but put forth sufficient facts and guidelines that indicated that they had the expertise in this field.” Al D.