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Fire in your home or business is a traumatic experience. We will aim to attend to your fire damaged environment within 2 hours of your call so we can inspect and determine the level of damage. As qualified builders we will restore your property back to its original state before the fire.

Our fire and smoke technicians understand that not all contents can be treated the same and smoke and soot is very difficult to remediate. We have proven methods of treatment to bring most items back to their original state. It is very important to contact us as quickly as possible to reduce the chance of secondary damage resulting in the fire and smoke damage you have experienced. Fire damage creates a fairly complex situation because of the unique behavior of the smoke. Because of this, it is crucial to have qualified technicians dealing with the restoration. Our technicians will carry out a careful room-by-room analysis of the overall fire damage to determine what action needs to be taken.

Most people do not understand that removing the soot and smoke damage from a surface does not actually restore the surface to its original condition. The fire itself causes a particular acid to be produced as a bi-product of the flames and intense heat; this acid is very corrosive and penetrates surfaces such as metal quite badly. We understand that it is crucial to remove this acidity and neutralize the damaged surface to avoid long-term corrosion problems. We treat each case differently, as the nature of the fire can have a large impact on the destruction caused by the fire, and the chemicals needed to correctly remove the damage. One of the main issues left behind by fire damage is the overwhelming smell of smoke, as it is stained deep into the affected surface and is extremely stubborn to remove. We use current professional practices to destroy the bad, lingering odor of smoke at its source.


“Under the leadership of your project manager, we felt very secure as the ABFF team not only assisted in the assessment of the damage but put forth sufficient facts and guidelines that indicated that they had the expertise in this field.” Al D.