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Mould can be very harmful to those in the immediate environment if left untreated over a long period of time. Mould has been directly associated with allergies, itchy eyes, sore throat, respiratory problems (asthma), rashes, lung infections and even cancer. Many people do not recognize the dangers linked with inhaling these microscopic mould spores, and often try to remove mould with home remedies such as bleach, which merely changes the colour of the mould and does not get to the root of the problem itself. Our fully licensed professionals have many years of experience in removing mould. We only use the safest, most effective practices for mould removal to ensure that it is completely killed and prevented from returning.

Unlike other non-specialist mould removal companies that are often not trained or certified, all of our expert technicians are highly trained in the safest and most effective practices of mould removal. We are trusted by many educational establishments, government departments, aged-care homes and body corporate due to our outstanding service.


Thank you for fixing the staff room and waxing the hallway floor. Our floors have never been so shiny and staff room has never been so bright and cheerful. Your time and effort in making our school more beautiful is appreciated.” Another happy student