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The services of a specialist forensic cleaner are often required in scenarios where there has been an unattended death (especially if the deceased has not been discovered for a number of days). An unattended death scene may be the result of a suicide, natural causes or criminal activity. No matter the cause, there is often a horrible mess and foul odour in the property that must be removed and made safe. The longer the deceased has been left undiscovered, the more likely you will need the services of a specialized forensic cleaning service provider. Decomposing body matter and fluids contaminate the scene as well as all surrounding surfaces.

As part of a forensic clean the following will be performed:

1. Removal of contaminated items for safe disposal;
2. Cleaning and treating of contaminated surfaces;
3. Sanitization of all hard surfaces; and
4. Report detailing all personal belongings that could not be salvaged.

Unattended Deaths


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